Michael Schumacher displaying his mastery

Shock and Awe

After a day of trying, the first drivers get closer to Michael Schumacher's best time. Then he strikes back imposingly, beating himself and shattering the morale of the rest of the field. Epic driving!




„Montoya’s lap, if you consider that he’s never been here, is incredibly impressive.“ […]


Nonetheless the second best time of the year, still leaves him short 0.376 seconds. Barrichello has the same car as Michael but trails 0.533 seconds.


Then Schumacher leaves the pit:



„Michael is coming up to speed for his third hot lap. […] It’s hard to believe he could go faster. […] Here we go, it does not have the feel of a maximum effort, but let’s see in a second. This boy here! […] This is a smoother run than the last lap, […] it does not seem as edgy. And now the first intermediate…


Intermediate 1: -0.078 seconds


WHAT? (laughing), unbelievable, here we go again! […] I think they’ve improved the car. […] I think the chicane is going to tell the story here. “


Intermediate 2: -0.193 seconds

Top speed 302.0 kph, current speed 304.1  kph


„Not much room to spare there, this is a tidy run, speed trap 304!, he’s nailed it, That looked pretty good through there to me. Good […], (laughing), boy, boy! I can’t believe that!


(Mika looking shattered, Ralf looking shattered)


-0,700 seconds


„That just shattered the morale of… […], well I’ll tell ya, […] Mika after them, sitting in the car and seeing that time shot, he must…you know what you think of yourself? That’s why I’m retiring! […] we suspect Michael has pretty much put out the fire.“




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