FIFA World Cup 2014: Semi-Final

„They just find a way to win!“

After another intense, mature and defensively solid performance, Germany, as the first team ever, will play in its fourth consecutive World Cup semi-final. Die Mannschaft is our favorite for the title. Gary Lineker has the same view.

Gary Lineker comments on Germany’s World Cup performance after the game against France. Voila, here’s the video followed by a few excerpts:


Blahzil – The Germans. Unquestionably the winners?


“Their [Germany] consistency is astonishing, isn’t it? The last four semifinals in a row they’ve now made in the World Cup and that’s a record. Granted they haven’t won one, which in itself they will be disappointed. But wouldn’t we love to do something like that just to be competing and to go right to the end of a tournament? It must be amazing. They are incredible. […] And now we’re seeing this new generation of German players threatening to win World Cups again, and they’ll go pretty close in this World Cup. As we all know, they are very well organized, they are very disciplined. [..] The Germans with their mentality, their winning mentality, the incredible strength that they have, the fortitude; that they don’t seem to be affected by pressure. They just find a way to win! […] When it comes to football they are unquestionably winners and possibly because of the fact that they have been successful over so many years it makes them believe! […] They could go all the way. They’ve got something about them, haven’t they?”


What could we possibly add? Maybe we can highlight our prognosis from two years ago. Germany wins two out of the next four tournaments. Today that means, two out of the next three!



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  1. Fantomas sagt:

    Lineker knows what he’s talking about…

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