September 2013 Videography

Moving Pictures VI

NHL Crazy Tricks and Skills *** NHL Biggest Hits *** Martin Kaymer's Perfect Shot *** SpaceX Grasshopper


NHL Hits


Summertime isn’t paradise for the sports fanatic. There’s  just not much on. Right now, we’re glad that football is back and at the same time we’re pleasantly anticipating the hockey season. The more you watch the following video, the more you look forward to the new season. This is what makes hockey such an awesome sport!

NHL Crazy Trick Shots and Stick Skills


Ah and yes, there is also another reason why we love hockey:

The Biggest Hits Ever Seen from the NHL


Golf is a difficult sport. But every so often someone makes it look just ridiculously easy. Take a look at what Martin Kaymer did at the 13th hole during this year’s PGA Championship.

PGA Championship Round 1: Martin Kaymer eagles the 13th


The last video has nothing to do with sports. We were nevertheless so impressed, we had to show you! This changes a lot of things!

SpaceX Grasshopper Rocket Lands Right Side Up


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