April 2013 Videography

Moving Pictures II

*** Unbelieveable Wingsuit Cave Flight *** Kickalicious *** Formula 1 Aerodynamics *** Champions League Semi-Finals




He might have crossed the fine line between audacity and folly. Yet it went well and now we can watch him jump out of a plane and fly through a narrow cave in a wing suit. Wow!

Unbelieveable Wingsuit Cave Flight


The dream of every man. You know your abilities but no one else seems to recognize them. Why not put them on display on YouTube and show the world. There might even be a brand new NFL contract waiting for you! Havard Rugland made his day!



We all know the importance of aerodynamics in Formula 1. But how does it really work. Where does the air flow? Look at this!

Formula 1 Aerodynamics with Martion Brundle


And finally, evidence from one of the greatest German weeks in Champions League history. We cannot watch this often enough!

FC Bayern München – FC Barcelona 4 : 0

Real Madrid – Borussia Dortmund 2 : 0



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