March 2013 Videography

Moving Pictures I

*** The Battle Vettel - Webber *** Webber attacking Vettel in Brazil 2012 *** Ayrton Senna Tribute *** Formula 1 Turbo Engines *** Le Mans (1971) race sequences ***


Ayrton Senna (Monaco)

Ayrton Senna (Monaco)


Awesome scenes, racing as we want to see it and thus the ultimate argument against the team order:

The Battle (onboard) Vettel – Webber


Vettel might still have had a grudge because of what Webber did right off the start in last season’s deciding race in Brazil:

Webber attacking Vettel (and not Ferrari) in Brazil 2012


The highlight! Very nice Top Gear tribute to Ayrton Senna who would have celebrated his 50th birthday last month. Do yourself a favor and watch this!

Ayrton Senna Top Gear Tribute


Next year, turbo engines return to Formula 1 racing. This documentation dives deep into F1’s turbo era. A great preparation for next season.

Formula 1 Turbo Engines – How it all started


Great video of all racing scenes from one of the greatest racing movies of all time: Le Mans (1971):

Le Mans race sequences



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